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Wire Sawing

Wired up and ready to go.

Every now and then, there’s a concrete cut so large or complex we have to bring in the cavalry—aka our wire sawing equipment. The diamond wire saw offers versatility in spades and is as innovative as it is effective.

Any Concrete Cutting professional surveying an outdoor residential site.

Why Wire Sawing Is Awesome

Wire saws are roughnecks, plain and simple. Mounted on a hydraulic flywheel, the saw’s steel braided wire is coated with diamond-tipped cutting beads that slash right through concrete and rebar when looped around a plane and pulled. Assuming there’s access, multiple pulleys allow the wire to cut any thickness at any angle. With plenty of planning and engineering—and a little creativity—a wire saw can make simultaneous cuts and save time.

Forged in the stone quarry industry, the concrete wire saw is ideal for structures that are too thick or too large for conventional cutting means, in tight spaces or underwater. Examples include concrete foundation walls thicker than 30” that require openings, submerged piers or large barrel chillers. If there’s a job too big for our wire saw, we have yet to come across it.

Hardwired for Hard Jobs

The true advantage of wire sawing is that there’s basically no limit to the depth that can be cut. And since water is a critical part of concrete wire sawing, there’s also less noise and dust. Not only does diamond wire cutting leave an astonishingly smooth surface, it minimizes breakage and damage to structure being cut.

Types of Wire Sawing Work We Do

See For Yourself

Top-line equipment operated by skilled technicians

We have a saw for every concrete cutting job and well-trained operators focused on safety and efficiency. Our team is ready, willing and able to tackle whatever you’ve got.

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