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Wall Sawing

No wall too tall. No cut too deep.

Sometimes our customers need cuts made to a vertical surface. That’s when we break out the concrete wall saw and get to work. You’ll be amazed how it cleaves through brick, block and reinforced concrete with remarkable precision.

Photo of wall saw cutting a concrete wall

Why Wall Sawing Is Awesome

Concrete wall sawing is another extremely cool service we provide to customers, especially on larger commercial jobs. Walls saws are mounted on a track and maneuvered by remote control to make precise vertical cuts or perfectly level horizontal ones. Need a series of windows or doors carved out of a wall? This amazing tool will glide across the surface and systematically sculpt each opening to the exact dimensions.

Concrete wall saws or track saws make clean cuts quickly and accurately from any angle, even flush cut to walls and floors. They also allow us to work faster and safer in certain conditions. Wall saws use circular diamond blades that can cut up to 30 inches deep—much deeper than a hand saw—or 60 inches if cuts are made on both sides of the wall. Time and again, these machines deliver smooth, straight cuts right where you need them in interior or exterior walls.

Wall-to-Wall Reliability

Concrete wall saws are more versatile than slab saws. We can cut just about anything you can mount a track or rail to. We’ve even used a concrete wall saw to turn large boulders into functional benches. With a custom track system, a flat surface isn’t required. Our crews start out with smaller blades for a guaranteed straight cut, but we stock blades as large as 72″ in diameter.

Types of Wall Sawing Work We Do

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