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Slab Sawing

Deep cuts aren't just for rock 'n' roll fans.

Massive concrete slabs are no match for our super-tough saws. Whether it’s a shallow cut or you need to go several feet deep, Any Concrete Cutting’s diamond blades bring the right slice at the right price.

Image of an Any Concrete Cutting technician using large equipment to cut a concrete slab on the ground outside.

Why Slab Sawing Is Awesome

Slab saws are bosses when it comes to big concrete cutting jobs involving horizontal surfaces. These large, walk-behind saws can be either diesel- or electric-powered, and they pack 30 to 40 horsepower—enough to effortlessly carve into slabs, floors and pavement. Watching these wondrous machines saw through thick concrete never gets old!

Most slabs are about 6 inches thick, which our saws can handle with ease. But slabs at airports, dams and industrial facilities can be as much as 2 feet thick. That’s when we go whole hog with our huge, heavy-duty blades. With our slab saws, you’ll get precision concrete cutting to your desired depth.

Blade sizes: 20″-48″
Fastest RPM: 2300
Deepest possible cut: 22″

Types of Slab Concrete Cutting We Do

See For Yourself

Don't gamble on other concrete sawing contractors

Our reputation is a solid as the concrete we cut each and every day for our customers. Any Concrete Cutting is right for any job. Anytime. Anywhere. How can we impress you?

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