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Hand Sawing

We're handy with hand saws.

Concrete cutting in tight spaces calls for special tools. With a concrete hand saw, we can squeeze into small or awkwardly shaped areas and make the cut you need. It’s a fact: Our concrete cutters can do the unthinkable with hand saws.

An Any Concrete Cutting professional using a large concrete handsaw to cut through an outside concrete slab

Why Hand Sawing Is Awesome

Hand sawing concrete takes an incredible amount of skill. It’s the oldest and most traditional type of concrete cutting, but it offers several advantages over slab sawing. Hand saws are extremely versatile and can be powered by gas, electricity or hydraulics. Their diamond-tipped circular blades are extra tough but require water when cutting to minimize dust and prevent overheating.

Safety and precision are paramount for concrete hand saw operators. Through vendor training and on-the-job experience, concrete cutting technicians learn to harness the hand saw’s power and make meticulous cuts—both superficial and substantive ones. Wielding a concrete hand saw in an enclosed space is no easy task, but our pros are have mastered this portable and powerful concrete cutting tool.

A Closer Look at Our Handiwork

Our electric and gas hand saws run off 220-volt and 480-volt power supplied by generators on our trucks. They have 16-inch blades that can cut 5 1/2 inches deep. For thicker concrete, brick, block and pipe, we bust out our hydraulic hand saws to make cuts up to a foot deep.

Types of Hand Sawing Work We Do

See For Yourself

All cuts, no buts

Concrete cutting, coring and demolition projects can be complex, dangerous and sometimes unpredictable. That may discourage other companies, but not Any Concrete Cutting.

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