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Demolition is part of our mission.

We don’t just cut concrete, we break it up, tear it out and haul it off. Any Concrete Cutting can handle any concrete demolition job—large or small—and we won’t leave a speck of debris behind. It’ll be like it was never even there.

An Any Concrete Cutting technician lifting a concrete slab using a backhoe for an outside demolition service

Why Concrete Demolition Is Awesome

Concrete slabs and structures are solid and sturdy, but they’re far from indestructible. And it’s a good thing, because sometimes they need to be removed. Concrete demolition methods run the gamut, and contractors use all sorts of concrete breaking tools to get the job done. Concrete demo and removal may require backhoes, dump trucks, skid steers, excavators, loaders, jack hammers, wet vacuums or all of the above.

Concrete demolition can be comprehensive or surgical. Selective demolition involves removing specific parts of a building’s interior or exterior while leaving the structure intact. This method is frequently used for interior remodels and sometimes the pieces have to be carried out by hand. Even the smallest selective demo jobs require careful planning to work around utilities and prioritize safety.


Concrete Demo Done Right

Any Concrete Cutting uses special equipment for selective demolition. Attaching shears to an excavator allows workers to reach high components without a wrecking ball. Concrete crushers turn concrete into gravel a client can recycle or use for the building’s renovation, and powerful magnets separate scrap metal that can be sold.

Types of Demolition Work We Do

Selective Demolition

See For Yourself

Not all demolition contractors are the same

Our crew’s dedication and commitment to cleanliness set us apart. We expect every project site to be as clean as when we started. More often than not, we leave them cleaner.

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