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Core Drilling

Let's get to the core of the matter.

When a job demands less cutting and more coring, we set down our concrete saw and pick up our core drill. Need a large hole drilled into a concrete surface or hundreds of smaller ones? Call in our concrete coring pros.

Photo of Any Concrete Cutting technician core and stitch drilling

Why Core Drilling Is Awesome

Have you ever seen a perfect-looking circle in a concrete wall or floor and wondered what kind of tool has that sort of precision? Answer: electric and hydraulic diamond core drills. These remarkably rugged instruments do the work—and they do it effortlessly and efficiently. Concrete may be tough, but our core drills are tougher. A concrete core drill is ideal for creating a chase to bring power, water or drainage pipe to hard-to-reach areas or elevations.

When you need a circular opening in a concrete surface—horizontal or vertical—our core drills will carve a beautiful cylinder to your desired depth or all the way through. From one inch to four feet in diameter, we’ve mastered the art of concrete core drilling. Our core drilling services include elaborate stitch drilling, which connects numerous holes to create one larger opening in tight areas where other equipment won’t fit.

Drilling Down

We’ve drilled holes for utilities for almost every new multistory building in Northwest Arkansas that’s been built in the last two years. When the new Walmart Home Office needed two foot-wide holes drilled 7 feet deep, we handled the job with ease. And the Norfork Dam project will require four foot-wide holes drilled 8 feet deep so we can drop our wire saw in and cut out a cube of concrete.

Types of Concrete Core Drilling We Do

See For Yourself

Experts at core drilling concrete to your exact specs

Think your core drilling job can’t be done? Don’t bet on it. Any Concrete Cutting specializes in making the impossible possible. Let’s connect and find the right solution for you.

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